Principal's Corner

Dr. Dianibel Aviles

Dr. Dianible Aviles
Coordinator of Related Services,
Director of Linda B. Chipkin Early Year Center 

A Message from the Director

The Linda B. Chipkin Early Years Center Program is offered to all Branford children between the ages of 3-5 who have been determined eligible through the P.P.T. process. A mentor component is part of the program design with candidates chosen from our town-wide "ChildFind".

Our program is a trans-disciplinary model incorporating the collaborative efforts of the Special Education Teachers, Speech and Language Pathologist, Social Workers, School Psychologists, Occupational and Physical Therapists, School Nurse, Teacher of the Hearing Impaired, and supporting Para-Professionals. The Early Years Center program provides a nurturing learning environment that is dedicated to enhancing and developing skills in children of varying abilities, through collaboration between family and staff members.

The program recognizes the uniqueness of each individual which is reflected in the Individualized Educational Plan prepared for every eligible student. The children are given the opportunity to explore their environment through play and active involvement supported by teacher facilitation. Throughout the day the building of language skills, in a natural environment, is encouraged. Playtime also allows the children to further develop their gross and fine motor skills, and improve their socialization skills. The children are also encouraged to expand their self-help abilities and self-concept through naturally occurring classroom activities.