Welcome to morning SACC Program - my name is Camille Stevens and I am the Site Supervisor for those who are attending the program for the first time. My Associate is Laura Green. We are both here to Greet you in the morning and start your day off with a smile.

For those returning welcome back.

We well have a wonderful year, we will be very busy in the morning playing games helping with homework doing projects together. Laura and I are excited to meet you all again and to help prepare you for the school day.

Please call or email me for whatever reason you need necessary.

Camille Stevens (Site Supervisor)

Cstevens@branfordschools.org / 203-640-0629


Welcome back to our returning friends and families as well as some new friends to SACC. We are excited to begin the new school year!

My name is Noelle Ranfone and I am the site supervisor of the after school program here at Tisko. Feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.Nranfone@branfordschools.org. The contact telephone number for our site is 203-315-3555. Please leave a voice message if we don’t answer and I will return your call.

Kindergarten students are picked up at their classes during dismissal and walked to the gym where attendance begins for SACC.

Please remember to pack a pm snack for your child each day. Snack time is a great way for your child to socialize with their friends. Snacks are to be brought in from home.

It’s important to sign your child out daily. This is how we keep record of attendances. You will find the attendance rosters at our parent table in the cafeteria. This is also were we keep important notices.

More notifications will be made about upcoming minimal and vacation days.

If your child will not be attending SACC on a scheduled day please email me. If we are not notified we will look for your child.

Children enter the Cafeteria from the gym at approximately 4:00pm. When picking up your child go to the cafeteria door (front of the building, the door on the right) . Once you ring the doorbell one of the staff will let you in.

Photo ID must be brought during pickup to ensure the safety of both your child and the building.

There will be no toys from home during SACC unless it is for a special occasion such as show and tell.

Feel free to contact me with any questions


Thank you,

Noelle Ranfone an all of SACC staff