School Hours

Regular School Day Starts at 8:35Am 
Dismissal begins at 2:50PM

No student is to remain in the building after school unless required to do so for special help, extra-curricular activity, detention or the like. A student must present a pass from his/her teacher in order to get a late bus slip. Late bus sign-up must be done prior to 1:15 PM. If the late bus sign up sheet is full, students need to find an alternative way of getting home. No student may stay after school on Mondays as teachers are involved in meetings and there is no late bus. There is also no late bus service on Fridays and any student staying after on Fridays would need to arrange his/her own transportation home. While awaiting the arrival of the late buses, students are expected to behave in an orderly fashion and to cooperate with the supervising teacher at all times.

Early Dismissal:

It may be necessary for a student to leave school early for an appointment or other commitment that can't be scheduled during non-school hours. In such cases, the student should report to the office before 8:15 with a note signed by a parent or guardian explaining the reason for the early dismissal and stating the time the child will be picked up. Students will be instructed to report to the office at the designated time to meet their parent. If the child is being picked up by a person other than their parent, the note needs to clearly identify the person who will be picking the child up. WE EXPECT THAT APPOINTMENTS WILL NOT BE SCHEDULED DURING SCHOOL HOURS WHENEVER POSSIBLE.

Early Dismissal (School or District-wide): In the event of an early dismissal, the schools will be dismissed in the following order: Branford High School, Walsh Intermediate School, the Elementary Schools