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WIS Summer 2020 Summer Reading Letter

Branford Public Schools

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Your children have grown tremendously this year and they’ve worked hard to continuously improve their reading skills and strategies. They’ve also worked closely with their teachers to explore the different types of reading available to them. Summer is a great opportunity for students to continue building their love of reading. It’s also an important time for them to practice all that they’ve been taught over the course of the year. To ensure that summer reading helps maintain students’ reading skills and strategies while fostering their love of reading, Branford Public Schools has decided not to set a specific reading list for middle school students. We want students to read what interests and engages them.

Research tells us that goal setting has a positive impact on students’ reading development. To motivate students to build on their reading experiences during the school year and to continue reading over the summer, we encourage your children to set a personal reading goal before summer vacation. To do this, your children might think about different genres, authors, or titles they want to read, the number of books they will read, the amount of time they will spend reading, and the books they have access to. These are just some ideas to guide the goal setting process. Students’ personal reading goals should be meaningful to them and consider who they are as readers.

Summer reading celebrations in the form of book talks will take place in the fall in order to foster community in our English Language Arts classrooms. At that time, students will have an opportunity to form new relationships with their teacher and classmates by sharing one of their summer reading books. Your child’s teacher will talk more about this celebration in September.

This summer, the Blackstone Library is hosting a summer reading quest that allows students of all ages or families to participate in weekly reading, writing, and creative challenges. If you would like more information please visit the Blackstone Library website. https://www.blackstone.lioninc.org/news-events/blackstone-summer-reading-quest/

We know that many parents/guardians find it helpful when a list of recommended books is provided. Therefore, we are including a link to the Blackstone Library where you can find reading lists of award-winning titles appropriate for students at various grade levels. Again, please note that these are not required book lists; they are intended only as a resource. http://www.blackstone.lioninc.org/teens/books/

During the summer, students can access e-books through the Blackstone Library’s Simply E app, a new e-reader app that allows you to search for, download and read e-books from various library resources all in one place. For directions on how to get started, please visit the Blackstone website homepage. Students can also access the WIS Library Learning Commons website for other online reading resources. Incoming 5th and 6th grade students will also have access to MyON Reading, one of the online programs we use during the academic year.

If you have any questions, please contact your child’s English Language Arts teacher.

Thank you and have a great summer!