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K-12 Alignment

Kindergarten through twelfth-grade teachers come together in a K-12 vertical team to facilitate vertical alignment within the content. Vertical alignment is assured through guiding documents in each discipline that combine the priorities in state/national documents, Branford’s Global Learning Competencies, and long term student outcomes. These guiding documents are accessed frequently to develop a learning pathway to prioritize student outcomes.

Continuity in instruction, across a grade level and within a content area, is developed by assured learning experiences. The goal is to help learners understand and transfer learning to new tasks and situations. These opportunities create experiences for students to demonstrate increasing proficiency on curricular goals.

Teachers are provided with adequate resources to support their work and deepen their professional expertise. As we develop a curriculum that allows our students to explore both content and Global Learning Competencies, it is crucial that we help teachers build on their instructional repertoire. Therefore, as the curriculum is implemented, professional development is a priority.