Amnesty International

Nicholas Rizzi
Joel Hinrichs

Anime Club

Donna Roy

When: Thursdays at 2:30PM
Where: Room C12

Best Buddies

Annemarie Raffone Dudley
Kayla Evans

When: Wednesdays After School
Where: Room A10

Board Game Club

Hou Chen

When: Wednesdays at 2:30PM
Where:  A26

Branford Latino Allegiance

Andres Wullaert

Chem Club

Hou Chen
Stephen Brown

When: Tuesdays After School
Where: Room F20

Craft and Hobby Club

Melissa Simone

Dance Team

Megan Palluzzi

When: Mondays 4-7pm, Tuesdays and Thursdays 5-8pm

Debate/Speech Club

Christian Miller

Diversity Action Council

Sharon Shirley
Dave Gruendel

When: Tuesdays & Thursdays

Environmental Club

Matthew Park

When:  Wednesdays at 2:30PM
Where:  F27


Advisor TBD

Excel Club

Marian Montano

When: Tuesdays; Check Daily Announcements for dates 
Where: College and Career Center 

Gender Sexuality Alliance

Valerie Duffner

When:  Wednesdays at 2:30 PM
Where: F21

Interact Club

Gina Lucibello

When: Every Other Tuesday at 6:30PM
Where: Room D27


Jennifer Kohut
Gary Gravina

When: January-March After School

Literary Magazine/Calliope

John Matthiessen

When:  Tuesdays at 2:30
Where:  F14

Math Team

Nathan Elsden

Model Congress

James Petela
Alberto Cintron
Dave Gruendel

Where: Room A23

Morning Announcement Club

Stephen Brown

National Honor Society

Joel Hinrichs

When: First Tuesday of Each Month at 2:30PM
Where: Room D29B
NHS By-Laws

Peace Jam

Sharon Shirley

When: Tuesdays & Thursdays at 2:30PM
Where: Room C29

Physics Club

Nicholas Farrell

Ping Pong Club

Christian Miller
Andrew Tremaglio

When: November-March on Wednesdays
Where: Gym Lobby

Science National Honor Society

Jocelyn Vennero
Amy Okamoto

Where: F23
SNHS By-Laws

Science Olympiad

Jocelyn Vennero
Hou Chen


Mindy Baker

Spring Musical Production

Michael Martone

Tech Crew

Michael Martone

When: Mondays at 3:00PM

Yearbook -- Milestone

Colleen Lepre

Young Women's Club

Donna Roy

When: Tuesdays at 2:30PM
Where: Room C10

Youth in Government

David Gruendel
John Albinger

When: February-March