School Hours

AM Session: 9:25 AM - 11:35 AM
PM Session: 1:15 PM - 3:25 PM
Alternative Classroom: 

Sometimes it begins to snow during the school day and it becomes necessary to dismiss school early. In the event of an early dismal or delayed opening, please check your e-mail and voice mail. Branford School District's IC Messenger system will notify you of the change in schedule.

You may refer to the school calendar for closings and delays. You may also listen carefully to the radio on days when snow is predicted. School closing announcements will be made over the following radio stations: WELI 960 AM, WAVZ 1300 AM, KC101 101.3 FM, WNHC 1340 AM. Please continue to listen to the stations for the possibility of a delay being changed to a closing.

Make several contingency plans for your children in case you are unable to meet them at home for early dismissal. It is impossible for the school to contact each parent, and you may have difficulty calling school, since lines are usually busy during those times.