Branford School Age Child Care (SACC) provides a quality child care program that is accessible and affordable to families and is available before and after school hours.
Minimum days are included without additional fees (if on your assigned day).

We also offer a fee-based wraparound preschool program to children enrolled in BPS elementary Pre-K. This will allow Pre-K children to attend a full day of school (8:55-3:25) with an AM or PM session of Pre-K and an AM or PM session of wraparound services.  Additional fee-based SACC services are available to our wraparound families.     

  • We currently accept Child Care Aware of America for our military families.

  • The program is designed for grades Pre-K through 6th grade.

  • A summer camp is available for children that have completed kindergarten through grade 4.  

Applications must be submitted to our main office (SACC - 12 Melrose Ave, Branford) with your non-refundable registration fee.  We accept check or money orders ONLY made out to SACC. Cash payments are NOT accepted.  No child will be allowed to start our program until all forms, meds, and fees are collected.  Tuition fees are due regardless of attendance. There is a 2, 3, 4* and a 5 day option for both the before and after school programs.
*Be aware the 2, 3 and 4 day option must remain consistent in order to ensure appropriate staffing. There will be NO rotating schedules.

We are no longer able to accommodate registration for a drop-in option only. Drop-in service is only available to families who attend on a consistent basis.

Should there be any change in your program or withdrawal, two weeks’ notice must be given. All changes go into effect the 1st of the following month. If notice is not received, full tuition is expected. Any credit left on account will be used for future programming. No refunds will be given.  If your account falls behind, you will be given 24 hours' notice of suspension and cannot return until the past due balance is paid in full.  Once payment is cleared, you will be given a return date.

SACC is part of Branford Public Schools and we will follow all notifications made by the School District regarding delays, dismissals, and closings. We will NOT make separate notifications specifically for SACC or contact families individually. Please be sure to have a backup plan in place with your child's school for early dismissal days.