Murphy School and You Parent Newsletter October 2021

Murphy School and You  

Parent Newsletter October 2021 


Greetings Murphy Families and friends, 

I am excited to share our school goals with you for this year: 

Social-Emotional: We will create a school environment where ALL students feel a sense of belonging  and feel respected. 

Academic: We will create deep learning experiences that develop each students’ understanding of  essential concepts and skills. 

Our professional learning plan for staff this year and beyond will focus on supporting them in these  two domains during the scheduled Professional Development Minimum days throughout this year 

As October has arrived, I myself continue to push hard for a Red Sox finish that results in a playoff  berth. Nothing like October baseball in New England. As far as the first month of school it has been  nothing short of remarkable how our staff and students have worked together to create a learning  environment in each classroom that strives to support every child every day. They make me proud  every day. 

I participated in a forum for parents of elementary students on the evening of Monday September 20.  It was offered to all parents and was presented virtually as an opportunity for parents to provide  feedback to our Superintendent and the Principals. The parents who participated shared their  thoughts and ideas on the summer programs offered by the district, and the beginning of the school  year. The input provided was very helpful and enlightened the administration as to how we can plan  to improve what we offer for next year.  

Some of the conversation that evening included comments about how we can find ways to create  opportunities for students to interact safely with grade level peers from other classes. As the COVID picture evolves, we will continue to explore how best to provide these opportunities while ensuring a  safe and healthy school environment.  

Knowing we are still faced with the DPH guidelines to help us navigate these tumultuous times we are  confident that all the measures we currently have put into place will help us to maintain a safe and  healthy learning environment moving forward. We look forward to working with our families as  partners in their child’s educational experiences. I am looking forward to a sensational school year. 

Warm regards, Robin

New staff News We are both thrilled and blessed to have a number of newly hired professionals join  the Murphy Team. Please join me in welcoming: 


Ms. Kelemen- Grade 3 

Ms. Natale- Grade 1 

Ms. Zeisner- Grade 4 


Laura Fennell- Special Education 

Karen Mayo- Special Education 

Tonya Bomba- Special Education 

Victoria Suppa- Grade 1 

Stephanie Dudack- Grade 1 

Sara Diiorio- Kindergarten 

Reem Hajizi- Literacy (start date 10/4) 

Anna Milne- Literacy (start date 10/4) 

Building Subs: 

Judy Cotter 

Martha Durso/Mike Howard 

Amber Seker (start date 10/1) 

Justine Stephens (start date TBD) 

Morning Drop off during these first weeks of school have resulted in numerous numbers of parents  dropping their children off at school between 8:40 and 8:55. It is important to transition to our Kiss and  Go policy of a quick goodbye drop off to enable all the cars to move quickly and safely through the  parking lot. Students should be able to walk themselves to the crosswalk that is supervised by staff  without parental support. For some this is their first small step toward being independent. In all cases  please refrain from double-parking and leaving your car to walk your child to the crosswalk 

We are thrilled nurse Neisha Dostie joins us as our new school nurse. Nurse Kathy, who has served  our students and families with great care and compassion, has taken a position at the Early Years  Center located at Indian Neck. We will forever be grateful for her service. 

It is extremely important for parents to call the office if their child is going to be absent from school.  Providing us with the reason for the absence is helpful and allows us to determine whether the nurse,  or someone else, needs to follow up with the parent. 

Parent Reminders: 

● Please wear a mask at all times when picking up your child 

● Please refrain from driving in the bus lane at all times, especially PM pickup time (KEEP  EVERYONE SAFE) 

● Please update your info in Infinite Campus (email and street address, phone numbers,  contacts). To do so call or email our registrar, Susan Wallace, for assistance. 203-315-6723, 

Our PTA plays an integral role in the lives of our students and the entire MTM community. The board  is composed of a caring group of parents who work tirelessly to create opportunities of fun activities  for families and students throughout the year. Their efforts have been relentless and creative in working around the pandemic to provide fundraising opportunities that support all the “EXTRAS” that  people have come to expect over the years. They will send monthly flyers via email so you can be  kept abreast of what is going on at school, and beyond. Check out their website at, and become an active member of our Murphy PTA. 

IPad and Chromebook Care We need your help. Students in Branford are very lucky that you and  the community at large support the leasing of devices so each student has equal access to this  instructional tool. However, there are times when a device is returned to our tech department in  disrepair from misuse. Please monitor your child’s use when at home. Similar to school food and  beverage should be nowhere near the devices when in use. Students are responsible for the  condition of their device, making certain it is fully charged daily, and letting their teacher know if the  device is not working properly. Parents can access technology assistance via 

Safety Drills happen each month. We conduct safety drills so students become well aware of the reason and  procedures for each exercise. An evacuation drill (AKA Fire Drill) was held Thursday 9/30. We will conduct  three lockdown drills throughout the year as well. The first of each drill is announced. Teachers have ample  time to share the importance of these drills, and provide opportunities for students to practice them prior to  the drills actually being held

To get your flu vaccine call our School Based Health Center Clinic 203-488-4151 Call Today! Where: SBHC at Murphy, Walsh, and Branford High School When: Monday-Friday Who: Students enrolled in the School Based Health Center 

This year, more than ever, we recommend that you be vaccinated against influenza. The flu vaccine  is supplied by the Vaccine for Children Program and is available at no cost to all students.  Appropriate COVID precautions will be taken at the clinic. Masks must be worn by all in attendance.  All you need can be found here: https://www.branfordschools.or... 

For Murphy students NOT yet enrolled in our School Based Health Centers, please complete the  SBHC permission form found on and the flu permission form. You can email if you need a new form. You can send them back in with your student  to the School Based Health Center located in the School Nurse’s Office or email/scan  to