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Parent Newsletter November 2021

Nov 2, 2021                                   Election  Day  --  PD  --  No  Students 

Nov 10, 2021                                 Elementary  ONLY  --  Conferences  --  Early  Release  Day 

Nov 17, 2021                                 Picture Retake  Day 

Nov 24, 2021                               Early Release  Day 

Nov  25 & 26,  2021                Thanksgiving  Recess  --  District  Closed

Nov 29 to Dec 3, 2021         PTA hosts Book Fair with questions

Greetings to our Murphy Families,  

Welcome to November. In my daily visits to various classrooms, I have the opportunity, and privilege, of observing our teachers working with our students in so many different ways. There is always an emphasis on building a positive learning community in every class where students learn how to listen to each other, communicate their thinking and feelings while respecting and supporting their classmates. Students and families have felt especially this year when we know the impact of the last eighteen months in so many different ways. These continue to be the core values at Murphy School. In addition, the teaching and learning of math, writing and reading are the essential skills and curriculum of an elementary school education. That being said, I think we can all agree that Reading is the gateway to learning. 

Rest assured our students do a great deal of reading while at school. Independent reading and shared reading with a partner are components of our daily reading block. We also allocate time most days for teachers to read to our students, but it is never enough. The benefits of reading to our children are numerous. Reading provides an opportunity for a parent and child to connect, creating a strong bond that will benefit both for years to come. Hearing a story read aloud helps build listening and comprehension skills, even during infancy. Students who are read to display higher cognitive and problem solving abilities as they develop. Their vocabulary expands and becomes richer and more interesting. As we all know our kids have vivid imaginations, and reading different books to them will open up their minds whether it be fiction, or nonfiction. They love talking about what you read to them, inspiring great conversations. 

I know life is very busy for all of us, as it was for my family when our sons were growing up. However, the memories and learning that took place have endured a lifetime, for them, as well as for my wife and I. I encourage you to find some time to curl up on the couch, or lay in bed before lights out, and read a few pages to your child. It will be time well spent, for both of you.  

Warm regards, Robin






Kiss and Go AM Drop Off Reminder Dropping your child off in the morning can be a challenge at times with the traffic on Brushy Plains road and lack of available space in the drop off area. The safest and quickest way to facilitate this process is with your help. Please follow these steps:     

  •  Have your child’s backpack, lunch box and mask ready for them to grab and go

  • Child only exits the car on the curb side (BE SAFE)

  • Parents stay in the car and allow MTM staff or the child open the door to exit the vehicle

  • Only pull up to the drop off lane, please do not park in the main lot. Walking your child through the busy parking lot is not safe. Please refrain from doing so.

  • Follow directions of MTM staff for moving forward to drop off lane and exiting the parking lot 

Following these steps will provide a safer and smoother process for all of our students, and their parents each morning. Thank you!!! 

Welcome to a new school year in the MTM library.  We are geared up and excited about a year of learning and fun.  Walking around our library it feels like fall!  The students are very excited about all of the new books displayed on our shelves.     

In all grades students are getting acclimated to the expectations and rules of the Library.  Students have been learning about and  reviewing book care, shelf markers and how to select a “just right” library book for themselves.  In the next couple of weeks, students in grades 1-4 will be bringing their digital devices to the library with them.  We will be learning about a variety of topics this year, some of them include: digital citizenship, the introduction to various authors and literary genres, computer coding as well as  how to use our online computer catalogue - Destiny, and various programs and apps.  

Library Reminders:

*Students in grades K-4 are allowed to take out one book per week unless they are working on a special project.

*Students may renew or return a book any day. If they finish a book early, are out sick on their library day or want to renew it for another week they may come in with permission from their teacher.  

 *If your child loses a book, or it gets ruined – you can replace the same title of the book, or pay the cost of the book by cash or a check made out to MTM School.   

*We are in need of tissues – if you would like to donate a box we would really appreciate it!

Thank you for your support.  Looking forward to a great school year!

Mrs. Kowaleski & Mrs. Zullo

IPad and Chromebook Care We need your help. Students in Branford are very lucky that you and the community at large support the leasing of devices so each student has equal access to this instructional tool. However, there are times when a device is returned to our tech department in disrepair from misuse. Please monitor your child’s use when at home. Similar to school food and beverage should be nowhere near the devices when in use. Students are responsible for the  condition of their device, making certain it is fully charged daily, and letting their teacher know if the  device is not working properly. 

Parents can access technology assistance via 


Parents can help children develop oral vocabulary, listening skills, and language concepts. Here are some tips 

  • encouraging conversation reminding to speak loudly and articulate clearly

  • teaching the importance of maintaining eye contact when speaking

  • speaking clearly


To get your flu vaccine call our School Based Health Center Clinic 203-488-4151 Call Today! Where: SBHC at Murphy, Walsh, and Branford High School 

When: Monday-Friday 

Who: Students enrolled in the School Based Health Center 

This year, more than ever, we recommend that you be vaccinated against influenza. The flu vaccine  is supplied by the Vaccine for Children Program and is available at no cost to all students.  Appropriate COVID precautions will be taken at the clinic. All in attendance must wear masks.  All you need can be found here: https://www.branfordschools.or... 

For Murphy students NOT yet enrolled in our School Based Health Centers, please complete the SBHC permission form found on and the flu permission form. You can email if you need a new form. You can send them back in with your student to the School Based Health Center located in the School Nurse’s Office or email/scan to