The purpose of the Mary T. Murphy community is to ensure that every student develops into a literate, critical thinking problem solver who demonstrates compassion, good citizenship and independence. To this end, our community will work collaboratively to support all students and to assist each other in teaching every child. We are committed to implementing the best educational practice and providing the inspiration and guidance necessary for all students to reach their fullest potential.


Mary T. Murphy photo

Mary T. Murphy

Before Mary Murphy School got its name, this modern structure was first known as Brushy Plain School. The architects were Lyons and Masther. It got its name from being located on Brushy Plain Road. It was completed in December, 1960 on 7.27 acres of land. It contained a kindergarten, eight classrooms, a health room, faculty room, conference room, and office space for a principal and secretary. The original school was built to hold 252 children. The name was changed to Mary T. Murphy in 1989. In 1990 a renovation began. The renovation included a new wing. The new wing included a gym, art room, music room, new offices, nurse's office, storage space, fourteen classrooms, a cafeteria, and library. This was focused around a beautiful courtyard with an amphitheater built into it. We hope that the school will last for decades, and that many children will enjoy it in the future. -Dan Pinkowski- 1991