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Florence, Orchard Hill, Branford Hills Condos, The Greens, Brainerd, Kenyon

Indian Neck Ave, Harding, Frank, Toole, So Montowese, Fairlawn, Ark, Field, Meadow, Hopson, Church, Averil, Rice Terr, Rogers

137 & 125 Damascus, Pine Orchard, Oak Hollow, Collins, Knollwood, Arrowhead, Woodvale, Riverside, Oakdale, Jacqueline Way

Kelly Crest, Nicole, Short Beach, Shore, Grove, Grey Ledge, Midwood, Turtle Bay,, Double Beach, Brocketts Point, Berry Patch, Plant Road

26 No Main, West Main, Beaver, Pompano, Gentile, Gilbert, Dominican, Rose Hill

Linden Ave, Pawson, Fenway, Sagamore Cove, Summer Island, Cocheco

No Ivy, Homestead, Upper Brushy Plain, Brookwood, Hosley, Stratton Way, No. Chestnut

Waiting Station, Court, Upper Alps, Bassett, Spice Bush, Plymouth Colony, Burban, Cynthia

Featherbed, Fitzgerald, Applewood, Totoket, Pepperwood, Beechwood, Acorn, Gould, Wellsweep, Venice, Riversedge Condos

Leetes Island Rd, Thimble Island Rd, Stnnv Creek Library, Halls Pt, Post Office, Howd, 525 East Main, 470 East Main

Mill Plain, Short Rocks, Marks Ct, Hickory Hill, Ramblewood, Northford, Dorchester, Ridge Acres, Flax Mill, Brookhills, Queach, Carriage Hill

Windmill Hill, Birch, Pine Orchard Rd, Halstead, Chapel, Thimble Farms, Juniper Point, 114 Totoket, Birch, Meadow Wood, Patrick, Milo, Corbin, White Birch, Meadow Circle

So Montowese, Sybil Creek, Wilford, Limewood, E. Haycock,
Hotchkiss Grove, 8th - pt Ave, Elizabeth, Spring Rock, 145, 130 & 92 Pine Orchard

Kirkham, Elm, Maple, Curve, Harbor, Reynolds, Driscoll, Breezy, Swift, Rock Pasture, Stannard, Cove Terr, McKinnel

No Main & Todds Hill, Sundance, Montoya, Cherry Hill, Greenfield, O'Brien, Todds Hill, Cosgrove Ct, Parish Farm, Valley Brook So, High Meadow, 44 Brushy Plain

Island View Condo, Laurel Hill, Red Rock, Bear Path, Rolling Hill, Haystack, Piscitello

Alps, Shady Lane, Briarwood, Stonegate Condos, Marion, Rockledge, Home Place

Hemlock, Hampton, Foxbridge Village, Meadows, Watch Hill, Clubhouse, Field Pt, Cypress, Fresh Meadow, Millwood, Hazel, Ash, Ivy St, Rose, Main & Chestnut

Jefferson, Thimble Isle Condos, Front & Back to Jefferson Woods, Burban, Pent, Lisel Ln

Stony Creek Rd, Watrous, 528 Leetes Island Rd, Flat Rock Ext, Flat Rock Rd, O'Neil, Whitewood, Eastwood, Wellesley, Conifer, Whiting Farm, Hunting Ridge

Harrison, Tyler, Lincoln, Cherry, Monroe, North Harbor, 539 Main, Rogers, Palmer & Cedar


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SM -- East Shoreline Catholic Academy

Marion, Spice Bush, South Village, Court, Waiting Station, Taylor, Plymouth Colony, Lisel

Todd's Hill, Cedar Knolls, O'Brien, Cosgrove Ct, Avon, Greenfield, Cherry Hill, Parish Farm, Valley Brook So, Autumn Ridge, 211 E Main,
288 E. Main, Venice

Short Beach Rd, Laniphers Cove, Shore, Brocketts Pt, Grove, Greyledge, Midwood

No Ivy, Laurel Hill, Red Rock, Bear Path, Piscitello

Marks Ct, Ramblewood, Northford, Dorchester, Ridge Acres, Old Hickory, Flax Mill, Short Rocks, Stonegate Dr

Cedar & Palmer, Main, John, Elm, No Harbor, Evergreen, Oak, Lincoln, Cherry, Hopkins Ct, Cherry Hill, Ramona, Front Entrance to Montoya

Chestnut St, Hillside, Park, Cedar & Palmer, Harrison, 67-117 Cedar, Ivy, Silver, East Main, Hamre, Beach, Willow

Maple, Curve, Reynolds, Breezy, Swift, Kellycrest, Nicole, Stannard Goodsell, Harbor, McKinnel, Driscoll, Bryan, Mill Creek

141-180 So Montowese, Newton, Sybil Creek, Linden, Cocheco, Pawson Park area, Wilford

190 Main St, Jefferson Rd, Thimble Isle Condos, Front & Back to Jefferson Woods, Pent

Florence, Orchard Hts, Orchard Hill, Bfd Hills, The Greens @ Thoreau

Applewood, Sandra, Featherbed, 100 & 193 North Branford Rd, 525 East Main, Acorn, Beechwood, Pepperwood

Manorwood, 131 Cedar, Brushy Plain, Ferndale, Island View, Upper Brushy Plain, Overland Ct, Brookwood, Heritage Hill, Hosley, 183 No Main

Thimble Island, Halls Pt, Indian Pt, Stony Creek P.O., Wellesley, Conifer, 204 Damascus

Rice Terr, Averill, Prospect, Church, Hopson, Rocky Ledge, Woodvale, Jaqueline Way, Riverside, Oakdale

Pine Orchard Rd, Dogwood Ct, Oak Hollow, Collins, Hotchkiss Grove, 2nd -
8th Ave, Limewood, Haycock, Waverly, Crouch, Damascus

197 Brushy Plain Rd, Hemlock, Hazel, Hampton Park, Foxbridge, Opening Hill, Watch Hill, Club House, Field Pt, Cypress, Millwood, 162 & 54 Brushy Plain

Rogers, Indian Neck, Terhune, Harding, Frank, Oak Ridge, Fairlawn, Field Ark, Woodside, Marshall, Tabor, So Montowese, Toole

Knollwood, Arrowhead, Hotchkiss Grove, 1st Ave, Selden, Halstead, Chapel, Sunset Hill, Meadow Wood

Mill Plain, Brookhills, Queach, Coachman, Carriage Hill, Surrey, Hickory Hill, Windmill Hill, Cadwell, Meadow Circle

26 No Main, West Main, Pompano, Gentile, Gilbert, Jacob, Dominican, Rose Hill, Summit, Kenyan
AM Only: Rockledge Condo, Home Place, 539 Main

513 Leetes Island, School St, Flat Rock Ext, Flat Rock, Whitewood, Tanglewood, Eastwood, Ashman, 186 & 93 Leetes Island, Gould, Fitzgerald

Briarwood, Stonegate, Shady, 107 & 142 Burban, Brainerd, Matthew, Hoadley
PM Only: 539 Main Street, Rockledge, Home Pl


Estimated Time to Start -- 8:10 AM



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Brocketts Pt, Turtle Bay, Shore Dr, Grove, Forest, Grey Ledge, Midwood, Waiting Station, Court, Westwood, Taylor, Plant Road

Wildwood, Woodvale, Riverside, Montowese, Averill, Bradley Ave, Main, Svea, East Main, Hamre, Willow, Beach, South Main

Main & John, Cherry, Hopkins Ct, Lincoln, Monroe, 17 Cherry Hill Rd, Rockledge Condo, Home Pl, 361 & 539 Main St, Kirkham, Elm, Russell, No Harbor, Bradley St

Maple, Reynolds, Swift, Kenwood, Kellycrest, Nicole, Stannard, Rock Pasture, Cider Mill, Old Smugglers, Harbor, Driscoll, Bryan, Mill Creek, Ely Street

Manorwood, No. Chestnut, Hannah Dr, Chestnut, Silver, Cedar, N Ivy, Ivy, Harrison, Palmer

So Montowese, Ark, Woodside, Marshall, Indian Neck Ave, Fairlawn, Garden, Melrose, Frank, Oak Ridge, Harding, Rogers


Estimated Time to Start -- 8:10 AM



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Bus Number 7

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Bus Number 19

Bus Number 24


Brainerd Rd, The Greens @ Thoreau, Burban Dr, Alps Rd, Spice Bush, Plymouth Colony, Roby Ct

Montoya Back Entrance, Montoya Front Entrance, Cherry Hill Rd, Ramona, Avon, Greenfield, Circle, Cosgrove Ct, O'Brien Rd, Parish Farm

Jefferson Rd, Thimble Isle Condo, Front & Back Entrance Jefferson Woods, Burban, Pent, Sunny Meadow

175 & 213 Brushy Plain Rd, Laurel Hill, Red Rock, Bear Path, Pine Hollow, Haystack, Rolling Hill, Piscitello, 40 - 54 Brushy Plain Rd

85 Alps, Florence, Orchard Heights Condo, Orchard Hill, Branford Hills Condos, Matthew Road, Hoadley, Todds Hill, Cedar Knolls Condos

Hemlock Rd, Hampton Park, Foxbridge Village, Watch Hill, Field Point, The Meadows, Millwood, Autumn Ridge, Abbie, Ludlow, Valleybrook So

Ferndale Condo, Island View Condo, 129 Brushy Plain, Richill Rd, Upper Brushy Plain Rd, Overland Ct, Side Hill, Heritage Hill, Hosley
PM Only: Bfd Rec

Jacob Ln, Gentile, Gilbert, Dominican, Rose Hill, Pinski, 4 Brushy Plain

Alps Rd, Briarwood, Stonegate, Marion Rd, Clancy, Liesel, Stoneridge


Estimated Time to Start -- 8:10 AM



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Bus Number 17

Bus Number 18

Bus Number 22

Bus Number 23

Bus Number 25


Windmill Hill, Meadow Circle, Pine Orchard Rd, Oak Hollow, Collins, Knollwood, Arrowhead, Soffer Pl
PM Only: Branford Rec

497 Leetes Island, Flat Rock Ext, Flat Rock, Whitewood, Tanglewood Eastwood, Ashman, Conifer, Pine Tree

Featherbed, Fitzgerald, Medley, Bfd Motel, Shoreline Trailer Pk, 193 N Branford Rd, Gould, Oak Gate, Applewood

Upper Mill Plain Rd, Northford Rd, Dorchester, Ridge Acres, Old Hickory, Flax Mill, Short Rocks, Riverview Crossing, Cadwell

161 Pine Orchard Rd, Hotchkiss Grove Rd, 3rd - 7th Avenue, Limewood, Waverly Park, Crouch, Wilford, Sybil, 17-93 Damascus Road

Griffing Pond, Sunset Hill, Meadow Wood, Pine Orchard Rd, Juniper Pt, Elizabeth, Spring Rock, Grove, Yowago, 98-61 Hotchkiss Grove, Bfd Early Learning

Venice, Rivers Edge Condo, Mill Plain, Ramblewood, Pondview Terr, Buttermilk, Brookhills, Debra, Queach, Coachman, Carriage Hill, Surrey, Hickory Hill

School St, Watrous, Thimble Island Rd, Stony Creek P.O., Bowhay Hill,
Leetes Island Rd, Acorn, Lamatra, Beechwood, Pepperwood, Hunting Ridge Farms, Damascus, Patrick, Corbin, Milo