Click HERE for guidance on Screen and Stay procedures.

Click HERE for the East Shore District Health Department letter regarding the 7-day Test Out quarantine period.

Click HERE for the Branford Public Schools letter regarding the 7-day Test Out quarantine period.

Click HERE for the Branford Public Schools 2021-22 Safe Return to In-Person Instruction and Continuity of Services Plan.

Click HERE for a quick guide to the BPS Safe Return Plan.

The summary below lists current data regarding COVID positive cases in the Branford Public Schools. This chart provides similar information to that provided by earlier district letters. Instructions for reading the chart are below.

  • Default view shows ALL cases to date.

  • Use SELECT A GROUP to see the data for staff/students.

  • Hover/click on a bar to display more information.

  • Data is updated nightly.


Click HERE for information on "Connecticut's Plan to Learn and Grow Together," published June 29, 2020.

Please see the East Shore Health Department website for vaccine clinic information.