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Dear Staff and BPS Families:

As we experience the height of spring and allergy season, an increasing number of Branford Public Schools community members are reporting cold-like symptoms that may be a result of allergies but are also associated with Covid-19.  Early Covid-19 identification and prevention remains a priority in keeping our students and staff healthy. 

Individuals who have symptoms associated with Covid-19, no matter how allergy-like, should be tested.  Individuals testing negative without symptom improvement are encouraged to stay home while experiencing symptoms and to re-test 24 hours after their most recent test. This strategy is a vital step to keeping our schools safe and open. With the increase in Covid-19 rates in our area, staff and students may also consider wearing face coverings indoors as part of protecting the health and safety of others as well as themselves.  

Please contact your school nurse should you need a home test kit(s).  Thank you, these simple steps contribute to our overall goal of school safety,


Hamlet M. Hernandez

Superintendent of Schools